Embryos - USA and International

This collection includes frozen embryos available for breeding in the United States or internationally. 

For USA embryo purchases, we guarantee one (1) 90-day pregnancy per every 3 embryos purchased if implanted by a certified ET technician, preferably TransOva. If embryos are exported outside of the USA, there is no guarantee. We recommend purchasing insurance during transit to cover your investment. 

Example: If you purchase 3 embryos, you are guaranteed 1 pregnancy. If you purchase 9 embryos, you are guaranteed 3 pregnancies. It is recommended to purchase in batches of 3 of the same mating. 

If you purchase 1 or 2 embryos, there is no guarantee.

If you do not achieve your guaranteed pregnancies, we will do our best to provide a replacement of the exact same mating. In the event that your exact mating is not available,  a replacement embryo of equal or greater value shall be offered, in the closest possible mating to what you originally purchased. 

In the event you do not achieve the guarantee, we also reserve the right to issue a credit in the amount of your purchase. No cash refunds will be given.

These embryos will not be available until approximately April 1. We will deliver the embryos to TransOva in College Station.