Miss V8 562/7 x +Mr. V8 458/7 Noble Frozen Embryos

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Frozen embryos, DT Conventional. 
Embryos will be delivered to TransOva by April 1, 2020.

Embryos available for export only. 

A proven mating that has resulted in tremendous success for us in the last few years. A son of this mating was a high seller of the 2018 Spring V8 Ranch Bull Sale. A female from this mating was one of the top 5 heifers of the Fall 2016 calf crop at V8 Ranch and was a high seller in the June 2017 V8 Ranch Female sale. (See picture of Miss V8 550/8). 


There are no guarantees offered on embryos exported outside of the USA. 

If accidentally purchased by a USA breeder the item will be refunded. No AI certificates or ET certificates will be issued in the USA from this mating.