Miss V8 835/7 x +Mr. V8 458/7 Noble Frozen Embryos For Export Only

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Frozen embryos, DT Conventional. 
Embryos will be delivered to TransOva by April 1, 2020.

Embryos available for export only. 

A tremendous mating that is the same as two of the oldest members of our current BRC show string, both proven champions in the USA! This is one of the best matings BRC has to offer. 

  • Full sib embryos to Mr. V8 160/8, Grand Champion Bull at the 2020 Dixie National and 2018 Houston Class Winner. 
  • Full sib embryos to Miss V8 622/8, Division Winner at the 2019 Houston Open Show. 

 These two females are some of the heaviest muscled, heaviest boned cattle we have produced. 

There are no guarantees offered on embryos exported outside of the USA. 

If accidentally purchased by a USA breeder the item will be refunded. No AI certificates or ET certificates will be issued in the USA from this mating.