Mr. V8 620/8 - Sexed Semen Special

Mr. V8 620/8 - Sexed Semen Special

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Stored at Integrated Breeders.

Mr. V8 620/8 "Charlie" - Sexed Semen Special

Offering a limited engagement of 100 units of sexed female semen collected at Integrated Breeders on this very exciting high selling bull of the Fall 2019 BRC Bull Sale!! We felt he was the best scurred/polled bull ever offered through past sales we have been affiliated with and we stand by that today.

This bull has IT ALL!
- Super gentle disposition
- Complete, sound, gentle, and snow white! A total package bull in a moderate frame size of 6.5. He was also the #1 rated REA/CWT bull of our fall bull sale, indicating extreme muscling.
- 620 gets his scurred genetics from his sire, the very popular 380 son out of the great BRC donor 797. There is no more semen available on 135 so Charlie will likely be the son to carry on this great bloodline for polled performance.
- 620's dam is one of BRC's best donors: JDH Miss Emily Manso 477, who is a direct daughter of Elmo.
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Here is a bull that is a great choice for producing exceptional, uniform Brahman females with moderate frame size, great udders, and gentle dispositions!

Owned by Black Sheep Brahmans and marketed through Brahman Country Genetics LLC.

Semen not available in Canada.

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